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ABOUT CLUB SPORTS Club Sports are student-run organizations that are open to everyone. These groups cater to a wide spectrum of skill levels, from recreational and instructional, to advanced and competitive. Some Club Sports compete against other universities and are members of conferences or leagues, while others focus on skill development and progression.  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  DO I HAVE TO TRY OUT FOR A CLUB? No! Club Sports are open to anyone interested. However, some clubs may hold tryouts for the travel team or to determine play time during competitions.  WHAT IS THE COST TO PARTICIPATE? Member dues vary from club to club. Contact a club officer via the Club Directory link above to learn about all associated costs.  WHAT IS THE TIME COMMITMENT? Most Clubs practice 2-3 times a week. Additional time may be required for travel, competition, fundraising, or community service. For each club’s specific time commitment, contact the club via the club directory.   HOW ARE CLUB SPORTS AND INTRAMURAL SPORTS DIFFERENT? While club sports are student-run organizations, Intramural Sports are organized by Recreational Sports. Intramural Sports allow IU students to compete against one another, while Club Sports might play against other universities.   AM I REQUIRED TO HAVE MY OWN EQUIPMENT? Some clubs may have equipment available, while other clubs may require you to bring your own. For more information contact a club officer via the directory linked above.  DO I NEED A PHYSICAL IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE? No, the University does not require a medical exam or physical for participation in club sports. It is each participant’s responsibility to ascertain whether they are sufficiently physically fit to participate.  CAN ONLY STUDENTS PARTICIPATE? While club sports are organized by students, IU faculty, staff and the public are welcome to join, coach, or advise a club.

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